Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I don't want to lie. I miss London enormously. Since I moved to New York in early September, I can't help thinking about it. Comparing on daily basis. Smiling at little things I accidentally see, think or miss. But yesterday, it was the jackpot on the whole "I miss London" story: I saw the TIME OUT guide for London whose article about the West End Lane made me cry. Yes, I was living not very far from that Lane, the very trendy, with excellent cafes and bars, organic food and flower shops, West End Lane. I spent nearly seven years of my life on that Lane, how is it possible to forget?

And all those emails I receive from my mailing lists every day (I want to stress that I unsubscribed from so many but still get a lot!). Parties, invitations, workshops, seminars, events. I wish I were there. Often I say to myself: what's the big difference: In NY, I use the subway, the L line which replaced the Jubilee, both grey color. You can get Starbucks in NY and also in London. Even the daily freebies remain the same, Metro in London and metro in NY. And TNT magazine gave home to the L-magazine in NY.

But it's not the same. The NY metro is so thin that it's not worth reading it. Nothing compared to our Metro bible of London. The grey L line of NY subway is so old-fashioned, slow and smelly that has nothing to do with the top-notch Julilee line (the line of the Olympic games). And the L-magazine pretends to be trendy and hippy but I wonder how functional it is - not as the TNT.

Yes, I miss London. Enormously. But instead of complaining, I would add some events for all of you below.

Whisperings in London:

If you are free this Thursday, you can go to an event for free, but you have to RSVP it today: The invitation says: To celebrate the opening of the ICO conference centre you are invited to our launch party on Thursday 9th November 2006, 6-9pm. Lex House, 17 Connaught Place, London, W2 2EL. I wish I were there too!


This is an eight-week evening course for fashion & accessory designers who wish to develop CAD/CAM skills to support their own career development in the sector. The course introduces the software package Kaledo Style, used in the fashion sector to create technical drawings and presentational material for communicating with clients and manufacturers. At Fashion & Textile Museum
Wednesday evenings 6.30pm - 9.00pm
22nd November – 24th January 2007
To book a place, email

Is all writing a political act? A seminar for writers

When? Thursday 9th November 2006, 6-8.45pm, at Stephen Lawrence Lecture Theatre, Greenwich University, SE10 9HY. Tickets: £5-£2