Friday, September 16, 2011

Taka Taka opens, food writers are impressed

Taka Taka opened last night to the media for a "sneak" preview of what will be serving. The Mexican Sushi meets Japanese Tacos restaurant is small but was buzzy with excited for new flavors food writers and bloggers. I started the evening by sitting in front of the kitchen's counter and closer to the hi-fi conveyor belt with full view of what was cooking. The cocktails offered were authentic, inspiring and easy to drink: Jalapeno Margaritas, Peach Mezcal and a beer cocktail that seemed too large. Sushi rolls were passing in green, orange and blue plates indicating different prices and combinations. I believe I tasted the rolls number 05, 13 and 19 from the menu that including the Sushi Caliente (spicy sushi) along with the Tempura Shrimp Tacos.

The idea is simple: make a sushi roll with a Mexican spicy sauce and a taco with some Japanese elements. Food was fresh, simple and tasty. Occasionally those rolls were too spicy and together with the Jalapeno margarita could put you on fire but that who says that Uniqueness comes without some pain?

Food writers and bloggers seemed happy with the plates of sushi and even happier with the "impressive" as mentioned cocktails so expect some coverage today and the following weeks!

Taka Taka is located at 330, West Broadway at Grand. Visit the website here: