Thursday, September 08, 2011

Paseo's Cuban Sandwich

Although I am not a great sandwich fan, I would never say "no" to a tasting of a Cuban sandwich. When this Cuban sandwich is offered at Paseo's in Seattle, the tasting task becomes more of a pleasing experience (I still don't like white bread). Paseo is a tiny snack place in trendy Fremont area, selling mainly Caribbean food. You will recognize it by the long lines as there is nowhere a name sign. During my last trip in Seattle, I gave in and I asked my partner in culinary adventures to drive me there. We decided to split the Cuban Roast, stated as the most popular on the menu.

Inside of a lightly toasted baguette, there were generous portions of pork shoulder coated in Paseo marinade, aioli (seasoned mayo), fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeƱos, crisp romaine lettuce and caramelized onions. The $8 price tag is well justified for what you get. With my limited Cuban sandwich experience, I openly admit that Paseo's was one of the best, scoring even higher than those famous Cuban sandwiches in Miami. 

If you visit Seattle, make a stop at Paseo. There is also a Ballard location. The long line is worth it!