Sunday, June 20, 2010

New drinks at the Bar Show

The Angel Vodka comes with some angelic figures too!

New alcoholic drinks have a new taste but they also come with innovative and unique names. GIVEN, is the Tequila infused with all natural lime juice handcrafted in the Cognac region of France for a bold yet elegantly smooth taste. I liked the packaging and the colors.

The Blue Angel dares to name itself the world's second best vodka (in brackets will read: we are still looking for the world's best). It comes as an Ultra Premium Vodka but you can also have it as a blend with chocolate and chocolate and mint.

I also made note of the Sangrias which is actually a sangria mix sold in bottles in a number of juices: peach, lemon, pear, lime, banana and white grape. Just blend one part mix with two parts wine, stir and serve. The result is on the sweet side but it's still tasty.

Finally, I will definitely add the Drink Minx it up, a drink that claims that will enhance your sexuality and your sex appeal. It tastes fine - watch this space for the results in real life!