Saturday, June 05, 2010

Eat your Tees

If you haven't enough with food bloggers, culinary trends, Top Chefs, almost impossible to access restaurants, unique foods, numerous street markets, highly publicized cookbooks, gourmet magazines and amazing canap├ęs, there is more about food. This one is NOT edible! Here come the Food Tees, a discovery that put eggplants not on your plate but on your T-shirt. The selection varies and includes both veggies and fruit that are shown on your tee with some related (or not) word messages.

Cucumber is COOL, cauliflower is the FLOWER CHILD and beets  HEART BEET. Ideal for a summer gift for your vegan friend or the child who hates "greens". Don't worry, all come organic!

Buy them here: Deliveries are free for all US orders. So, why you are waiting?