Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sake Ramen

It may well be one of the Asian comfort foods – ramen for a cold wintery day or even for a relaxing spring lunch. This type of noodle soup, recently named the most sophisticated and advanced type of noodles by Noodle Road fim producer Wook Jung Lee , is often mixed with veggies, chicken or fish and broth. Now when you add a cup of sake to all this, it becomes far more relaxing, tasty and a good reason to resort daily to the Asian specialty. Yushi midtown is the inventor of this novelty. It’s a combination of dashi-based broth, made with a blend of bonito, Nanburyu sake, mirin and low sodium soy sauce perfectly blended together with ramen noodles, teriyaki chicken, freshly grated ginger, broccolini, scallion and topped with a soft boiled egg. Otherwise, the perfect excuse to give up your boring bagel or burger lunch. Yushi expects you at the counter, you show your ID card and then take a seat and enjoy your alcoholic ramen. If you are brave enough, go for the super sake ramen, which contains a full cup of sake. Who says that lunch has to be alcohol free? Brits definitely can talk about it. Now, it's the time of New Yorkers in a Pan-Asian tapas place at mid-town.

Yushi Midtown
245 Park Avenue
47th street