Monday, March 29, 2010

The Johnnie Walker Experience

The Johnnie Walker "Lab" for the tasting!

In action...

Johnnie Walker is not all about the Black Label. There is also the Red label, the Gold. And the Green and the Blue. In this variety of colored labels, you would maybe wonder which of all is the best. Well, it’s all personal.

The Black Label is the most famous of all JW labels. It takes up to 12 years to make and it brings aromas of citrus, caramel and smokiness. At the end you may even taste vanilla and if you add water the smoke will become even deeper.

The Red label is that of peppers and spices, has more flavor, and combines the sweet and spicy of chillies. The Gold label is served iced, in an iced glass straight from the freezer. You can smell and taste honey and raisins, with a bit of smokiness at the end.

The Green Label is lesser known but it says the story of Scotland, that’s why is very important. It combines 35 single malts and has elements of grassiness, chocolate, light freshness and fruit.

Finally, the Blue Label, is creamy, floral and with a tad of perfume. It tastes tobacco, chocolate and rose petals.

So, if whiskey is your drink, try the Johnnie Walker for a change. The choice of the Label can only be yours! And for the record, the Red label with ginger ale cocktail I had before the tasting, it wasn't bad at all for a start...