Friday, March 12, 2010

0 calories breathable chocolate - Le Whif launched

Chocolate lovers should be celebrating today as the 0-calorie chocolate is available in the market for purchase. But on one condition, chocoholics: You can only breathe it, not chew it.

In a low-key thus cozy and friendly event in Dylan's Candy Store, invented by Harvard Professor David Edwards, Le Whif was presented to the media, industry experts and chocolate lovers. But how this strange, little lipstick-like device works?

It is simple. To use Le Whif, take a quick puff from the device and particles of chocolate are directed through the air via small holes in the mouthpiece, landing on one's tongue and the sides of their mouth, resulting in the unique taste sensation. Le Whif uses particle engineering to form chocolate in microscopic sizes that are small enough to become airborne, though too large to enter the lungs (one Le Whif Chocolate insert pack contains 300mg of pure chocolate).

Le Whif Chocolate is available in three organic flavors, including chocolate, raspberry/chocolate and mint/chocolate. And for the record, each device delivers 8-10puffs.

And if Le Whif Chocolate is too good to be truth, there is also Le Whif coffee that works in the same way containing the equivalent of a single shot of espresso.

But who is the target audience of Le Whif product? "Women of 18-40, followed by children" said Edwards. "I also think that diabetics will use it as well".

As one of the party launch attendees, I "tasted" the chocolate and chocolate/raspberry flavors. My opinion? Definitely unique and easy to use; I would add more points for the innovative, colorful design of the device. But on a second note, the taste of melting chocolate in my mouth is unbeatable. I have no intention to pretend being like Proust describing sensations while eating his favorite “madelaines”. But for a 21st century blogger, chocolate can have the same effect: it often "carries" feelings and brings memories. Can Le Whif do it?

I missed Le Whif Coffee but this is for another time.