Friday, February 12, 2010

Delicacies at Navarra wine tasting

The Navarra world class wine's tasting was held at W hotel on Tuesday afternoon. I won't say much about the wines but I will stay mainly on the superb delicacies offered to the guests while they were wine tasting and appreciating. Created by Michelin Star Navarran chef David Yarnoz Restaurante El Molino de Urdniz, were all elegant, tasty and proof of his outstanding, modern Spanish cuisine. I adored the foie gras in the spoon, the chicken paired with lemon "foam" and the balanced quail egg in bread crumbs. I couldn't resist the cheese platter with dried fruit, quince, plenty of roasted nuts and berries - my prefered choice matching wine.

If your Spanish is good, check here to find out more about Chef's David Yarnoz cuisine and techniques.