Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Backstage at New York's Fasion Week - Designers Andy & Debb

Photo taken by Ann Lawlor

Dashing Diva went with a clean, natural buffed nail tone to match the subtle tones of the collection.

I arrived nearly an hour and a half earlier before the runaway show. Bryant Park was cold and quasi-covered in snow. I said my name to the clip girls and I entered backstage immediately. I found the Andy & Debb "preparation" room: things were going really fast. Make up artists had their brushes ready, stylists were running up and down with dresses and hair spray, Dashing Diva's nail technicians were working on their nail polish cute bottles, photographers were taking their most creative shots and everybody seemed to live in an adrenaline-land. I felt stressed but except of taking pictures and looking around, I didn't do anything. The models were dressed rather casual, in jeans, sweaters and boots, had found one chair each and yes, they were eating! 40 minutes later, they were out for the rehearsal. At 1.20pm everything and everybody was ready, guests were arriving for the show at the Salon and the backstage people were getting our seats too. The lights were down, the music on and the models started walking, showing the elegant, sleek, Asian inspired pieces of Andy & Debb. My favorite? The Navy structured blazer over the navy wool turtleneck with wide silk satin sleeve and belted trousers.