Sunday, August 09, 2009

Interview with Marc Weber, On The Marc founder

It was one of Marc's canapés the cause of this interview. The watermelon with the fried bacon on top (seen in my amateur-ish picture) was innovative and of superb taste. Marc answered patiently to all the questions I asked, in a delicious, as his food, way.

FB: How you came up with On the Marc?

MW: I didn't really come up with on the Marc as much as it was an evolutionary step of private chefing and small intimate dinner parties. I started out doing small dinners for my friends parents and my parents friends and the parties kept getting larger and larger and more and more frequent. I never did any advertising or marketing to grow the company. It grew purely based on word of mouth.

FB: What’s your favorite canapé from On the Marc?

MW: My favorite canape is a Maine Lobster Roll. I do one with butter in the winter and in the summer I do an olive oil mayo, with herbs and lemon.

FB: Who is your ideal client?

MW: My Ideal client is someone who appreciates food, appreciates me and the amount of work and time that goes into preparing a menu, and someone who is nice to work with. If they happen to be famous that is nice too :)

FB: What have you been serving this summer?

MW: In the summer I like to do lots of fresh salads and room temperature proteins. I like to keep it light, seasonal, and fresh. Things you don't mind eating on a hot day and that won't negatively affect your beach body.

FB: What is your culinary secret?

MW: I don't really have a culinary secret... I do pay a lot of attention to execution and making sure everything is properly seasoned and perfectly cooked. It is also important to consider balancing flavors and texture.

FB: Any particular favorite tastes?

MW: I don't have a favorite taste. I am an equal opportunity taster and eater. I like to make sure everything is balanced.

FB: Your top three drinks are:

MW: I like mojitos, Gin and tonics, and anything good quality vodka shaken over ice.

FB: One food you would never eat is:

MW: I don't really eat snails. The idea of it just grosses me out.

FB: 3 favorite must- haves in the cupboards of On the Marc are:

MW: Sherry Vinegar, Kosher Salt, Great Olive Oil

FB: Your next step will be to…

MW: Maybe open a satellite store where people can buy my food without having to have a huge party. It will also keep me busy during the week when nobody entertains.

FB: And finally, what is your favorite gastronomic destination?

MW: My favorite meal was eaten at Masa. It was an experience unlike any other.