Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Funky summer party supplies

The summer is fully present, at least in the New York area, so if you have a backyard and you just about to entertain your friends tonight or very soon, here are some cute solutions and supplies from http://www.plumparty.com/.

Send cocktail invite postcards to tempt guests with an array of mouth-watering cocktails. Better stock up on rum, pineapple and festive stirrers because partygoers will arrive with a craving for frothy tropical libations. Pack of 12. Price: $6.00

Use thematic and summer-y napkins and place mats featuring the watermelon! These watermelon napkins, or place mats, will add some juicy-ness to your next event. Perfect for picnics and BBQs. Price: $16.00

And if you want to add more of a watermelon taste, use those cool watermelon bowls, just for fun! Price: $12.00
The multi dot platter is another colorful addition to your table. Just put those fancy cocktails you promised and you are all set... Price: $18.00