Thursday, August 13, 2009

Accessories for your nights out!

Apologies guys but this is a posting for women only. Ladies, when you leave your bag behind and you are hitting for the closest club to dance the night away, you still need a cute, small item for your keys, money and maybe a tiny cell phone! The solution came from Sprigsville and is called Banjees, a zippered wrist wallet. So, forget about your bag, put on the banjee and keep your valuables in a safe place. Banjees are reversible for two fun style options (solid or a fun stylish print). One size fits all, ideal for nights out and also sports and travel!

But for those who still want to carry their bag throughout the night and don't want to embarrass themselves with unlucky accidents (like tampon falling out from the purse), Suzanne's discreet chic accessories can do the job. This small party and travel accessory focus on the active woman whether she is traveling, working, playing or merely looking for a way to carry her feminine products or undergarments in a discreet and chic fashion.

So ladies, no more excuses and complains. You can have everything. It is time for a mojito.