Friday, February 20, 2009

Magalis Garcia - F/W Collection Show - Pictures

It was black, black and again black the dominant color of the Magalis Garcia F/W Collection. Well presented at the amazing, while looking at the sunset and sipping cranberry vodka cockails, loft in Chelsea, crowds and photographers took a glimpse at the new collection. Real models were positioned on benches, sofas and even in the bathtub to be recognized in awesome dresses. I enjoyed it. Well done Magalis Garcia


MichelleF said...

I am the model on the bottom with the black spaghetti black dress.
I would like to say , that my name is Michelle Filipowitz
and you can check out me on
under "Michelle".

thanks for your time (:

by the way , the cocktail party was awesome,
and magalis did a great job :)