Sunday, February 01, 2009

Japan Fashion Week in NYC

The New York Fashion Week is only 12 days away but the Japanese Fashion Week has already kicked off in the Big Apple with a Runway Show Reception on Tuesday, 1.27 at the Altman Building. Although I don't know much about Japanese fashion -with the exception of my beloved from my London days Muji store - I accepted the invitation and I RSVPed. Here I was, in the midst of a buzzy and rather creative crowd looking around trying to find my seat. People were waiting for the runway and I could see anxious eyes and fashion editors jotting down their pre-notes. Finally, the lights were off and the models took over. What I witnessed was a series of sleek, simple and mainly black and white clothes, that I wouldn't mind at all having in my closet. On the whole, thirteen emerging designers from Japan presented a total of 47 looks from their Spring 2009 collections. And for those who didn't have the chance to take a glimpse from the front-row, the runway looks are on display at various boutiques (Destination NY, Issey Miyake, Theory, Aloha Rag, Opening Ceremony and 45rpm) and some will even be for sale. My favorite? The purple/pink long dress from Matohu!

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