Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday parties

The Holiday season is here and will stay for the following ten days or so until the new year will enter our life. Party invitations do not show up in my mail box at the same pace they did a few weeks ago, maybe because event organizers and publicists know very well that participants prefer to spend time with family and friends (for the time being at least) or to travel.

So, are there any party trends to follow this season? From what I saw in New York, not really. Canap├ęs and hors d'oeuvres are always popular together with grapes, crackers and cheese, wine and champagne. Champagne and prosecco are offered generously, wherever I go. A way to celebrate the holidays or just a trick of event organizers? From gallery openings, to store shopping evenings to new book launches, the flutes make their presence visible.

I am not complaining. I like champagne. And prosecco. And all the cocktails that come together. Speaking of which, I for the first time tasted the chocolate champagne cocktail, an amazing combination of champagne and Godiva's liqueur. I didn't mind the sweetness. Just excellent!

And despite the "recessionista" party predictions and announcements, I didn't see anything missing. There is plenty of food as always, alcohol, shopping discounts and live music! I would even dare to say that there is more this year than last. An indication indeed of a slowdown economy when event experts do EVERYTHING to convince us to shop? The odds are on their side.

So, just enjoy. Whatever is offered to you for free, embrace it. Maybe it won't be there next year.

Happy holidays! I will be back with some ideas for your house parties soon!