Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tastings New York

Attending the "Tastings" Food Festival this year was a fun event and definitely, particularly delicious. Merged with the Chocolate show and with the not obviously present Tea and Coffee festival (I didn't see any coffee company exhibiting with the exception of the Starbucks energy drink), the tasting experience included salt, sugar, alcohol and also design water (!). I had plenty of samples from New York restaurants, new products, dessert treats, plenty of chocolate and enough wine but here are the "stops" that will remember from this weekend:

- The colorful, veggie chips: amazing taste combined with a colorful presence, excellent for parties as it matches the colors with crispy bites!
- The favorite, now, Belgian waffles, Wafels and Dinges, despite the long line (and the rude people waiting), waffles came here and will stay for a while in New York
- Various new nut butters that mix nuts with spices and herbs (like coriander with hazelnut and almond butter from Marilyn's Nut Butters)
- The mini pumpkin cheese cake offered by the Tavern on the Green restaurant, buttery but not fatty, a well-deserved dessert or just a fun bite
- The design water bar (read next posting)

As for the chocolate show, I would make a note for:

- the chocolate dipped chip by Divalicious, an amazing for a first timer taste despite the guarantee for higher cholesterol levels
- a rich but nutty chocolate brand (Berkshire Bark) for those who love nuts and chocolate. Try the Midnight Harvest, a combination of Belgian dark chocolate, roasted almonds and hazelnuts, dried cranberries and fresh orange zest, a Real Poem of taste!
- the arrogant presence of the World Famous Chocolates but without samples (I really wanted to try the famous Callebaut, which actually did during the wine and chocolate pairing seminar).

With my stomach full and my taste satisfied, I have to say that Food Festivals are indeed an invitation for the senses but a challenge for moderation. Despite my good intentions, I can't still manage moderation - maybe this will be my goal for the next Tastings festival. Who knows, I may succeed!