Sunday, November 23, 2008


Having lunch at the first USDA Certified Organic restaurant in New York and the nation's first restaurant to use 100% USDA Certified organic ingredients can be a unique experience. Because not only the food but everything is organic, even the waiters uniforms and the paper mats on the tables. The only thing that is not organic is the water which is nonetheless purified through a top-notch purification system that takes out metals and toxins, but retains the good minerals and is offered free to the customers. Food is bought from local producers from the New York area while the restaurant stays open from 8am to midnight.

I tried the Risotto, refreshing and simple, a warm taste in a cold day, made only with mushrooms and parsley. The gluten-free penne with pesto and ricotta cheese was made from rice rather than wheat, another tasty dish with a more alternative approach for demanding dieters. Finally, I tasted the newly made quiche with tomato, mozzarella and basil, extremely light with minimum oils and a thin crust which made it an ideal lunch choice. I couldn't leave without giving a go to the natural fruit blends. I first tried the yellow Suave made with peaches, orange juice, agave and ice and I sipped the Rojo made with strawberries, orange juice, agave and ice, both full with vitamins A, B and fibers. Have a drink like this a day and you won't need supplements again!

While enjoying my green lunch, I noticed that this organic eatery is particularly popular with mothers and toddles due to the natural, organic ingredients and the quiet, relaxing environment. I learned that Gustorganics offers fresh baby meals daily, a nice surprise a mother wouldn't say no to.

Just before leaving the elegant restaurant at the corner of 6th Avenue and 14th Street, and with a final glance at the printed with soy ink brown paper menu, I made a stop at the price list: the experience does not come cheap but with the exceptional quality, the service and the environment, you will break even.
519 Avenue of the Americas @ 14th street - New York - 212.242.5800