Friday, January 18, 2008

Whitney Live and and Chez Bushwick present ----New York Free

Not the Same Solo...
3 Adaptations of Deborah Hay's solo News by
Brandin Steffensen
Layard Thompson
Ede Thurrell
Friday, January 18th @ 7pm
The Whitney Museum of American Art
The Whitney Lower Gallery

Not the same solo features three renditions of "News," a recent solo by choreographer Deborah Hay, adapted and performed by three different performing artists: Ede Thurrell, Layard Thompson, and Brandin Steffensen. Each artist has practiced News daily for no less then three months, and adapted the solo through Hay's rigorous Solo Performance Commissioning Project. Three distinct renditions of News will simultaneously share the eclectic personality of each artist and offer New York City the rare opportunity to witness Hay's recent solo through revealing juxtaposition — each adaptation a contrasting view into the wonderland of Hay's choreographic universe. Thompson, Steffensen, and Thurrell challenge perceptions of time and space, as well as definitions of choreography through this esoteric and poetic dance.