Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Blue Room Program Launched ----New York free

It seems that "corporate" ad-hoc lounges that opened before and during the holiday season have closed their doors: The Wired store closed at the end of the year, the Delta 360 lounge just before Christmas and the Illy caffe push button house ended its free espressos with 2007. Each end is a new beginning, experts say, so don't complain. Read the news about a new "room" created by Artists Space. Time for culture!

Artists Space has announced a new programmatic space, called the Blue Room, with an inaugural event on Saturday, January 12. The Blue Room is a flexible area within Artists Space dedicated to improvisational discourse. A hybrid between library and living room, this addition to Artists Spaces’ program allows for informal conversations, lectures, small gatherings, and performative projects. Including an always open and ever-changing curated library of publications, the Blue Room is in constant transition as it reacts to issues of the day. Artists, curators, writers, and all members of the Artist Space community have the opportunity to organize and schedule events in the Blue Room. The goal of this exciting new space is to further artistic experimentation by providing a location for anyone to propose innovative programming.

Blue Room events are open to the public, however an RSVP is mandatory. Please reply to and indicate the date and title of the event in the subject heading.

Saturday, January 12, 5:30 p.m.

Ebb and Flood: Three lectures on Currency

Discussions include:

Marie Lorenz: Hell Gate
Hell gate, a narrow strait at the convergence of the East River and Harlem River, has the second fastest tidal current on the planet and is the site of the second largest civic disaster to happen in New York City (in terms of lives lost). Marie Lorenz will talk about the current in Hell Gate and how to swim out if you find yourself there.

F. Math Lorenz: Case Studies in Currency Events
A monetary unit is a thing of value in more ways than one. Money can be treated as legal tender, a historical document, as well as a tool of utility. The notion of "relative rarity as a value index" will be discussed along with specific case studies that illustrate the fluid nature of currency.

Melissa Brown: Power Ball
Is it possible to 'beat the system'? Melissa Brown will talk about methods to chart, tally and capitalize on idiosyncrasies within the New York Power Ball game.

Artists Space, 38 Green street, 3rd Floor, New York, 10013