Monday, October 15, 2012

Viventura, campaign and blogging in paradise!

Viventura is moving for a month and has a place reserved for the adventurous blogger. If winter is not your "cup of tea", you just need a vacation in the sun or just want to try "something new" and maybe blue, you may have the chance to win a competition and spend an unforgettable month in Costa Rica!

What do you have to do?

1. Report about the campaign in your blog.
2. In your blog, convince them why YOU should be chosen to accompany them and move your office to Costa Rica for a month.
3. Send them an email with your blogpost url, so they know you are taking part.

What will you win?

  • Flight and Transfer from your hometown to Costa Rica
  • Accommodation for up to one month in the hotel Casa Luna
  • Pocket money of at least 1.200 USD (increases by 10 USD for every participant in the competition)
  • Day trips
  • Possibility to get involved at Viventura

  • Participants may enter until the promotion until 10.18.2012. The winner will be announced on 10.20.2012!

    This promotion is in cooperation with the Central American specialists, Travel to Nature, and KLM Airline.
    Why me?
    A few of reasons are here....
    1. I haven't been to Costa Rica so this will be my very first trip and stay there. I don't know the sound of the rainforest either
    2. I won't miss the Seattle rain
    3. I need a new office anyway and why not that be not far from the beach?
    4. A nice excuse or alternative way to develop my travel writing (just graduated from a travel writing course). I specialize in culinary travel so this will be an opportunity to explore the island's interesting food scene (and maybe do a book about it?)
    5. On the long run, I would look into opportunities to organizing culinary tours in Costa Rica (and not only) from Seattle and the entire West Coast. What do you think?
    6. I like to be and work with people who like to travel just like you and also help you out if needed
    7. Because I am worth it!