Friday, September 07, 2012

Eat and Drink at the US OPEN

Federer might be out of this year US OPEN final but Southern BBQ is in. A stroll at the US OPEN's food court will give you plenty of culinary choice and will satisfy your gourmandism! You still have three days to experience both tennis and its pairing food. Booze is allowed - cocktails, bubbly and beer are all there. Prepare to spend more than usual and for a surprise: There is no Starbucks. For your Joe's fix, try Cuppa Spotta. Carnegie Deli, Cheese Steak & Tenders, Crepes Express, Daruma of Tokyo Sushi, Franks and Fries, Fresca Mexicana,  Fulton Seafood offer their delicacies as well.

At the Stonyfield Cafe, get a cup of Greek style yogurt from Oikos.

For the lovers of beer, Heineken has its own pop-up store.

But Moet as well and it does not come cheap as you can imagine....