Thursday, November 03, 2011

Chef Chuck Hughes cooks Mexican

Chef Chuck, whose new series Chuck's Week Off: Mexico on Cooking Channel will air on November 8th cooked for the media his newly discovered Mexican foods after spending a significant amount of time cruising the hot country in search of authentic flavors. During his travels, he tasted fresh fish, spicy pork, chocolate and spices. He admits that he occasionally finds Mexican food "too spicy" and Oaxaca chocolate is not his "cup of tea" because of its texture and herbs (he thinks that it's good for mole though). Chef Chuck is fun, bubbly and easygoing. He seems to enjoy cooking and plays around with numerous ingredients and spices. Last week, he made Torta Ahogada meaning in plain English Spicy Pork Sandwich. This was excellent in my modest opinion. What not to like in pork that has been marinated in sweet and smoked paprika and cayenne pepper, then it's placed in a fresh bun and dressed with sweet and spicy sauce? Even if you don't like spicy food, you will be "comfortable" with the Torta Ahogada as the sweetness of the first sauce balances perfectly with the spice-ness of the other. In Mexico, the sandwich is served in a plastic bag with all the juicy sauces, messy but so fun! But Chef Chuck went on making the Emiliano's Dorado Con Crema, a mahi-mahi served with a creamy chipotle sauce made with cream and butter. This was equally tasty and elegant!

The recipes are from the Guadalajara and Cabos - so if you want to find out more tune in the Cooking Channel: