Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blue Luna Cocktail

As a tribute to our night sky this drink will be the moonlight of your party. The ingredients include Blue Moon beer, blueberry syrup made from fresh blueberries, coconut water, blue agave, and soju. Soju is a Korean beverage made from rice and tastes excellent mixed with beer. It is slightly sweet and smooth and is comparable to vodka. 


8 oz. Blue Moon beer
1 cup fresh blueberries
6 oz. coconut water
2 tablespoons blue agave
4 oz. Soju
Starfruit as garnish

You will need:
Small pot with lid


Wash blueberries and add to pot with 3 oz of coconut water.

Cover with lid and put on low heat.

Cook till blueberries are broken up and liquid is thick and syrupy then turn off heat.

Add agave.

Strain and place in a glass container then into fridge or freezer to cool.

Place the cheesecloth over a strainer on top of a bowl.

Pour the cooled blueberry juice over the cheesecloth and let it strain. This is a slow process and you can speed it up by squeezing the juice through manually.

In a shaker combine ice, soju or sake, and coconut water and shake well.

Pour Blue Moon about ¾ the way up glass.

Pour in soju mixture and finish with two or three tablespoons of blueberry syrup.

Garnish with a slice of star fruit with floating on top or standing on the tip of the glass.

Serve in 16 oz glass of choice.

 Recipe by guest blogger Jasmine Hibbitt