Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Prawn Lollilop and Gin infused Smoked Salmon

The Prawn Lollilop was one of the winners of the Seafood Excellence Awards (foodservice category) during the International Boston Seafood Show. This culinary innovation that comes from India and L' Essence Foods is an Indian pickled prawn coated with rice flakes served in a sugarcane stick, a real treat. Bite into the lollilop center for a delicious, juicy finish. Ideal as an appetizer for parties, this seafood on a stick will hopefully come in the USA.

The St James Smokehouse’s Reserved Smoked Salmon infused with Hendricks Scottish Gin and Tonic was awarded the Seafood Excellence Award in the retail category. This soft, balanced and smoky salmon was infused with Gin and Tonic that gave it a kick. And maybe a drunk-ish look!

Amongst the finalists were Maristella Fine Foods’ Arborio Rice Arancini Wild Caught Shrimp with All Natural Pesto, a cheeky combination of seafood and rice (which is not sushi) and Phillips Foods’Asiago and Artichoke Crab Flatbread, another novel specialty and equally tasty.

The Seafood Show was busy, with seafood for all tastes. I would add the significant presence of South America (think ceviche) and the dominant role of Asian countries. Fish is now imported in the USA from all over the world and it seems that most of it comes from China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. Frozen fish is also a trend on both, local and international level. Small was the presence of breaded fish and seafood which is rather good news, at least for me. Virginia and Maine led the oyster business with Alaska being first in salmon together with Scotland. Rather defeated Louisiana was at the show –hopefully it will recover from the seafood industry crisis and be back on track. Other interesting notes: the plant-based caviar alike – a colorful note to the entire show. I also discovered Louisiana’s version of Remoulade, the reddish,  mustard-based sauce with a spicy note that reminded of my favorite sauce Andalouse.