Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Choice Eats - the day after

Choice Eats is already history but participants are still digesting. Tasty and exceptional food, long lines, numerous flavors, and... pork were the trends of the evening. Thumps up for the Village Voice Choice Eats and their clever decision to “hang” the menus above the tables (with its recommended drink pairing), something that helped photographers, food writers and also attendees who knew what they were eating. 

I particularly liked the Pig’s Head Sandwich from Resto, a hard core pork sandwich squeezed in square slices of bread. Amazing was as well An Choi's Banh Chung – a sticky rice cake with pulled pork filling. I skipped Red Hook Lobster Pound longs lines (waiting patiently for a lobster roll otherwise price at $15)  as well as the popularity of Del Posto offering eggplant and chocolate. I tried the Cachapas (sweet corn crepes) filled with pork or chicken and tres leches, a distinctive combination of salty and sweet courtesy of Patacon Pisao. Nicky’s Vietnamese sandwiches were fresh, spicy and tasty and Egg’s country ham toast with pimento cheese was amazingly well made. General Greene’s Smoked Pork, Duck and Crawfish Boudin was exceptional and probably the most innovative in both presence and flavor dish of the evening.

Pig's Head sandwich
Smoked Pork, Duck and Crawfish Boudin

Egg’s country ham toast with pimento in preparation

On the drinks front, Belgian beers won all competitions with the 20-minute wait. I opted for the refreshing lassi drink offered by Curry-Ya, a nice choice after large portions of food. The finish was sweet though: VIPs only and Press were invited to the “Choice Sweets” lounge. Fatty Crab, Babycakes and Alice’s Tea Cup were offering their sugary treats amongst others. 

Caramel Popcorn

My only complain: I didn’t get my goodie bag as press wasn’t offered one. I don’t care so much for what was inside but I liked the nostalgic features of the external. Maybe next year.