Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tastes of Greece - Interview with owner of .ES Panos Stamoulis

FB: Why you started .ES?

PS: I lived in Spain and I got acquainted with high gastronomy and modern Spanish cuisine, not only Ferran AdriĆ 's but also Arzak's and other chefs. That was the stimulus. .ES follows the Spanish cooking that has expanded to Mediterranean cuisine today. .ES has reasonable prices and is open to everybody.

FB: How did you find the location?

PS: I was walking in the area and I was passing by. There was nothing here, only drug addicts and hookers but the space was free and wonderful. Thessaloniki is smaller, not so large and big as Athens and there is a borderline in the downtown area.

FB: What about your menu?

PS: I am responsible for the menu. It changes four times a year and has seasonal dishes. We have four chefs. As I said the success of .ES is based on high gastronomy but is simply made. Our basic success elements are good ingredients, simplicity and the ambitions of the chefs. We use materials that are not commercial like barnacles.

FB: What are your plans for the future?

PS: From the new season, the menu will be offered in small dishes, like tapas. We tried them out on Mondays and it went very well so we are now ready. I would also like to open a restaurant on a Greek island in Cyclades until next summer.

FB: Where else do you eat except .ES in Thessaloniki?

PS: I go to English in Ano Poli, sto Profili sti Diagonio for its spicy meatballs and in the restaurant of Naftikos Omilos on Sofouli street. All excellent. When I travel abroad, I go to Arzak because is authentic. I like Italian and Japanese cuisines. But first of all simplicity. It’s like eating on an Aegean island. What would you like to eat? Tomatoes with vinegar and olive oil, salad, fish. Just a few things and simple. And if there is a full moon, that helps too.

FB: So in brief..

PS: .ES is like a tavern but also a kind of bistrot. The ambience is something that brought success, not only the food.