Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meet Albert Adrià (that of el Bulli and Inopia)

Albert Adrià was using a Spanish interpreter while presenting at the International Chefs Congress. He was passionate about food and cooking and he came with videos , his new book Natura and a lot of energy. I was fascinated to meet him and I was planning to interview him but ten minutes in his talk, I had nothing to ask. His approach to cooking is both philosophical and technical. “There is bad food versus good food” he said. He talked about good products and bad techniques (with a bad result/food), he mentioned that sashimi is not easy to make and explained us how he turned chocolate mousse into a cookie. At the very end “it’s not about the technique, it’s how you make your clients happy”, this is what and should matter the most. In one of the videos, he explained how he takes meringue, takes out the air, compresses it and then the cookie is made. Everything seemed easy but complicated, simple but also difficult, intellectual but somehow mathematical. The seminar ended and I was confused but intellectually satisfied. One thing was certain: Adrià deserves what he gets because he is a creative genius in the kitchen without being really an artist.

Below take a look at some pictures he showed us...