Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Introducing BEANITOS - the Bean Chips

Admit it. You are on a gluten free diet for over a year but you feel a little bit bored with it.  Corn cakes, gluten-free oats, rice and quinoa are all fine but when it comes to snacking you have forgotten pita chips, crackers and grilled crunchy breads. If you belong to this group of dieters, the newly launched in the market BEANITOS will give you a nice, tasty break. Those chips are made from beans and they are yummy. They are gluten free but also corn free (!) and low glycemic. They are currently offered in two flavors: Black Bean Chips made with whole black beans, whole grain rice, pure vegetable oil and sea salt. Ingredients of the Pinto Beans and Flax  include whole pinto beans, whole brown flaxseeds, whole grain rice and sea salt.

Where you can find them? You can buy them on Amazon.com if you don't have a Whole Foods Super Market close to you. Some specialty stores carry them as well. Click here for more information: http://www.beanitos.com/where.html