Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Chocolate Show 2009

The Chocolate Show shut its doors for another year last Sunday and visitors are still puzzled without being able to decide if they would go for the spicy milk chocolate or the pure dark! This year's show was cozier and smaller compared to last year and maybe less crowed. New chocolate brands and names were present for the very first time in New York but also the loyal, old ones didn't forget their annual date with the Big Apple.

The trend this year was eh ambiguity, at least for me. There was the proliferation of pure dark chocolate on one hand but on the other the odd mix of unusual tastes that made the whole chocolate "theme" rather stuffy. Milk chocolate from camel milk, chili spiced milk chocolate, chocolate with cashews, ginger and lemon zest, chocolate covered bacon (otherwise said pig candy), all-natural gourmet, peanut butter chocolate bars are some of the "over the top" blends. The pure dark was far more simple, tasty and plain and occasionally with the twist of nuts or dry fruits. Another addition was the chocolate sauces by Boissier, a pure French indulgence. And even if I am not known as an Italian food fan, the Italian pavilion impressed with new chocolate names (DeBondt, Compagnia del cioccolato, Maglio and Gobino) and with the very stingy samples. Bravo! Finally, I won't forget the old friend, the Baci pralines that come with the little paper of wisdom (sometimes I wonder if you get them to read the paper or to actually eat them).

I would vote as the best the Pure dark chocolate. It scored high in all three: flavor, taste and presence. Their tiny dry fruit and roasted nuts covered in dark chocolate were a healthy sin, nonetheless addictive. Fika Choklad had the best truffles and pralines (and won an award for it) and the 2 Chicks with chocolate the funniest name!

After two days in the show, I admit that I had tasted more than enough, using "writing" about food as an excuse. My reelationship with chocolate is very often a love and hate relationship. This year I came into terms with the fact that it's definitely more love.