Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beauty to eat

Food tasting is five-sensory activity. You see colors, you touch texture, you smell, taste and even hear the food being prepared if you are arrive early. Since yesterday, food tasting may well have an added element, that of beauty. As an attendee at the Global HBA conference (the largest Product Development Event & Educational Conference for the Personal Care, Fragrance, Wellness and Cosmetic Industries) that took place together with the Spa and Resort Expo had the chance to taste beauty food! I am not joking. Companies worldwide have developed edible products to enhance beauty and well being. Shiseido's collagen drink was tasty but not as a proper juice and the Beauty Up drink full with antioxidants and who knows what else didn't disappoint me but didn't cheer me up either. The Gimme chocolate candies infused with probiotics was a healthier version of M&Ss and the Beauty style chocolate bar from South Korea was similar to an energy bar. Throw some dry raspberry beauty snacks from Germany and Collagen infused fruit and candy from Japan and you are all set! Your wrinkles disappear, your face looks younger, your skin will glow and you will never age while munching and chewing appealing in view foods. The taste is another issue.
But do you care for the taste if you are wrinkle-less?