Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Backstage at J. Mendel Show NYC fashion week

I arrived an hour before the runaway show. I said my name to the clip guy at the entrance and immediately entered backstage. I saw technicians working around in the main room - a Chelsea gallery that generously offered its space for the fashion show. Backstage, things were going fast: hairdressers were working at a fast pace on one model each (but were looking around and offered tips and items when needed), stylists were running with color palettes, dresses and hair spray, beauticians and make up artists had their brushes ready and everybody seemed to live in an adrenaline-land. Black was the dominant color -not of the collection but of the backstage professionals. Isn't there any other color on the planet? It's still summer, get some color people. The models were dressed casually, most of them in jeans or jean shorts waiting for their hair to be ready, then they were escorted to wear a J. Mendel dress. Nearly 45minutes later, things were still buzzing but the first girls were out and were getting photographed non-stop by numerous photographers across the world. Have a look at my pictures - all taken by blackberry. J. Mendel's dresses were simple, elegant and of amazing colors!

PS: to shut you up, the models were eating. Cookies, tiny sandwiches and grapes. I didn't see any drop of alcohol.