Thursday, October 30, 2008

BizBash Event Style Expo ----New York

The BizBash Event Style Expo was held yesterday - a big day for event planners, caterers, hotels, and everything else you find in the events management industry. Less crowded than last year but with the same amount of exhibitors, it was another interesting day to report on trends, party concepts and what is the next big thing for an amazing event together with endless tastings and treats.

The very well-known in New York catering companies Abigail Kirsch, The Glazier Group and DownTown Kitchen were giving out mouthwatering canap├ęs and chocolate treats. I will stay on the bean salad in a cup served with a sweet potato cracker offered by the DownTown Kitchen, innovative and tasty! I was surprised to see so many M&S, in various colors and designs, less alcohol and definitely much less chocolate than last year's event. Godiva of course was present with chocolate treats and imposing design.

I was also surprised to see the Cirque du Soleil, one of my favorite spectacles (I watched five of their shows if I remember correctly). So, for your information, you can hire Cirque du Soleil for your private event or your corporate gala! If you can afford it!

On the front of trends, speaker L. Shriftman from Harrison & Shriftman events emphasized "experiential marketing" and less about advertising, creative partnerships (think a large automobile brand matched together with a hotel chain), technology (use blackberries for PR campaigns), conceptual design and the importance of being global for the global clients.

But all does not seem great in the events industry. With the economy going down, corporations and major brands have smaller budgets to use for their events than the previous years so event organizers have to think about the ROI before hand. There is still a large number of events taken place every day, especially in large cities all over the world. They are just different.

I was a bit disappointed with the lack of a press office by the BizBash organizers - for the rest it was a fun afternoon resulting in creative ideas!