Sunday, February 03, 2008

Tre Restaurant ---New York

If you are looking for a new brunch place or just a cool restaurant to have dinner in LES, why don't you try Tre? A simple and cozy restaurant at Manhattan's Lower East Side, has everything you need: Rustic Italian cuisine, aesthetics, atmosphere, quality and excellent customer service. I went for Sunday brunch and opted for the Insalata di Rughetta con Pollo, a perfectly well-balanced combination of Arugula, pomegranate, manchego cheese and chicken paillard. Not to forget the unlimited champagne, mimosa or bellinis for nearly two hours! If salad is not your "cup of tea", you can try the Tre burger, the omelet or the potato pancakes. All great choices. The menu has a great selection of pasta, chicken, meat or fish entrées and an amazing list of both wine and desserts!

Owners Gino and Guido, both from Italy, wanted a fresh and modern approach to Italian, dominated by tradition, cuisine, and recruited chef Giuliano Matarese who innovates with tastes, colors and ingredients and does a great job!

So if you like Italian but you want to avoid Pizza for one day, go to Tre. Because Italian cuisine is not only pasta and pizza.

173 Ludlow StreetNew York,

NY 10002

(212) 353-3353