Monday, February 25, 2008

Gallery Tour for singles ----New York

If you have always wanted to explore the very well-known Chelsea Galleries but you don't feel like doing it on you own, taking a galley tour organized by the Art Introductions especially for singles is definitely a pleasant, arty and sociable afternoon adventure. I was intrigued so I gave in and took the tour myself last Saturday afternoon. We started at 4 pm on the dot in front of the Reeves Contemporary gallery on the 24th street. Nearly twenty professional and artistic people, and despite the chilly weather, we were fully determined to stroll with our organizer around Chelsea galleries and streets. We moved to Kips Gallery, Lohin Geduld Gallery, made a left to Yossi Milo and ended up on the 26th street building with Massimo's Audiello and Virgil de Voldere Empire galleries. We were lucky because a brief presentation -in some cases made by the artist himself- was given in each gallery. The one hour and twenty minutes walk ended happily at the organizer's studio in the same building. It was a very comforting culmination: cheese, wine and nuts were waiting for us for the well sought reception. In this relaxing environment, we had the chance to talk about art, find out more about each other, exchange ideas and discuss wine!

I would definitely recommend the Gallery Tour by Art Introductions - you will learn a lot about Chelsea Galleries, you will meet interesting people and if you are lucky, you may find love too! Not to mention that you won’t be lost again in those Chelsea galleries!

Check for upcoming events and gallery tours. There are more events scheduled for March.