Friday, December 22, 2006

Pre-Christmas NYLON

I never really liked pre-Christmas London. Actually, to be honest, I never liked pre-Christmas Britain. Brits have a very close, peculiar and rather commercial relationship with Christmas. Nothing to do with God, Jesus Christ or the Holly Spirit. It is more of a party-going out-shopping experience. The shopping starts in October and continues aggressively to early December. By that time, you should have bought and sent hundreds of cards (event to the people you don’t really know very well), bought presents for your family, friends, not so close friends, third cousins and so on and, of course, bought something for yourself too. The party season starts early December and if you really respect yourself, you have to: go to at least two parties a week until the 23rd of the month, to drink a few bottles of wine, to eat numerous mince pies and Christmas cakes and to gain a few pounds just before the big Christmas dinner (I don't count the long lines you have to stand in the post office, it's not fun). Therefore, by the time is 26th of December, your weight goes north by five pounds, your bank account is much thinner but your credit card is so fat that has no more space for New Year’s purchases.

Pre-Christmas New York is slightly different. There is a lot of shopping, that’s for sure, but definitely less partying. New Yorkers don’t feel the need for Christmas parties that much. I don’t know why. The shopping spirit is high but less dramatic and intense compared to the Londoners'. Reason being: there is also Thanksgiving so partying, eating, drinking and shopping has started at an earlier date. They don’t have to wait for Christmas to top-up their credit cards or gain weight. This mission has been accomplished already.

Both cities are well decorated, with masses of tourists visiting every year, taking pictures with the crowds, and holding the holiday season red cup gingerbread latte from Starbucks.

Ah, those red cups from Starbucks. That’s the first indication that Christmas is here again this year. For a few days at least.

Have a happy holiday!
I won't add any events for both cities. More next year!