Friday, December 15, 2006

New York and Space

I was talking about subletting in New York and how it really works out. Coincidentally, I listened to a radio show yesterday morning talking about rent control in NY. Because NY is SO popular and in order to protect tenants from vicious apartment owners the NYC councils and local government voted legislation to control rent for a limited time. That does not mean that there will be more free and ready to rent apartments but the existing ones won’t raise rent continuously at high rates.

But today I want to talk about space in NYC. NYC is tiny. Space as I said before is a long, hot topic, or even a theme of a PhD, and is limited. Therefore, “intelligent” New Yorkers rent storage to put their favorite “stuff”. So, they rent or sublet an apartment and because apartments are so tiny and small, they also rent storage. So they have to pay two rents, one for the apartment, the second for the storage space. Isn’t that crazy? Every time they want to “access” their favorite stuff, they can go to their storage closet or room, open it with their locker/key, then get some or put extra. I like that. New York is an interesting place, definitely. The only place from all countries I lived that you can have two places simultaneously and pay for both. But the funniest thing that you can actually “sublet” your storage space too! That is CRAZY! There are a few people who get storage and because they have extra “space”, they can give you some to put your stuff too – you only pay a percentage of the monthly fee. Ah! That I didn’t know.

How many times I used the word space so far? It’s humorous, the more I use it, the less space NY does have!

I will find out more tomorrow when, me, also, getting some storage too. I have three extra boxes I don’t need for the time being and because I am subletting, I think putting them in storage is not a bad idea. It’s cheap, special winter offer they told me on the phone. That is nice!

I don’t know. Everything is definitely a new experience for me in NYC. This is another one too. But how come I dream of nice, lengthy beaches, with white sand, blue water, huge houses with gardens and swimming pools? Is it wishful thinking or just a strong desire that comes from my heart? I miss space, nature, the sky.

I want to be able to see the sky.

Space: mentioned 8 times. Only. Title not included.

No events today. There are plenty of events in both NYC and in the very popular pre-Christmas London (many Christmas parties...). I am sure you know where to go.