Friday, October 13, 2006

NYLON: The title stands for New York - London. Since I moved to New York City five weeks ago from London where I was based for seven years, I can't help comparing these two. The subway and the tube, people on the streets, delis and cafes, art exhibitions, clothes, rent prices, even the weather. My first thought was to write a column for a London-based local magazine or newspaper with the same title. But the process of pitching for a column might take weeks or months so I quickly changed my mind. A blog is quicker, trendier and probably more influential. So NYLONBLOG was born!

Being a subletter from Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (yes, it is in New York City Manhattanites) with no job at this stage, I will offer fair and unfair comparisons of both cities, tasty tips, colorful trends, whisperings, the latest on events and networks, football games results, off the record news and much more!

If you want to learn more about London or just add to my comparisons or information, this is the blog to participate. I welcome your comments. Actually, I want them!

Event of the day, NY: Godiva's free chocolate tasting, Time and Warner Building, Lounge, Second Floor. At 5pm.