Monday, October 16, 2006

NYC, London, parties and invitations

It is amazing. I came to NYC just six weeks ago and I am receiving already so many party, exhibition, gallery openings and event invitations that would make a native born New Yorker really angry. Is that because I am an information junkie myself and I spend more time reading Time Out and the Village Voice, checking websites, subscribing to various e-mailing lists, talking to people, jotting down names and addresses than jobhunting (which I should do because I still don't have one of these things...) or because I am just a socialite?

Probably because I am both. It was exactly the same in London. I was getting so many invites to networking groups, events and launches that made my friends wondering: What do you actually do to get all those?

Let me explain. All started the day that I had to attend a women's professional (and very posh) networking event in London, paid by my employer. Nobody else would like to go so I was actually forced to go. At that time (early 2000s), I didn't even know what a networking group or event was. But I went. Lavish corporate headquarters of a major accounting firm which was the major sponsor, tons of champagne, extremely professional women promoting their businesses, their employer or themselves, successful speakers and more champagne and canapes...I made up my mind: networking events are like Christmas for adults... What else do you need?

That day was the beginning of my relationship with networks, networking events, champagne, and overwhelming information. Many more events followed, so did party and private club invitations, shows, exhibitions, seminars and many more.

And the trend follows me in New York City.

Maybe, instead of looking for a job, should become a gossip columnist? I will have plenty of things to say.

Did you know?
This is fragrance week in NYC. For information on events check the website at:

For book lovers:
James Ellroy will present his book Brack Dahlia. Location: Borders Bookstore, Time and Warner Building, October 16, 2006 7:00 PM

For art lovers:
A Space Gallery Presents "Intrinsic Form" featuring works by Luca LAZAR, Jon PETRO and Michael VAN PATTEN. Opening reception Sat Oct 21, 1-5pm, 1138 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221

For Londoners
Germanic London organize their annual party this coming Saturday October 21st. Register at their website