Monday, September 21, 2015

Why I like the IFBC gift bag

What can someone find in the IFBC gift bag? There are plenty of things that you could guess like a  recipe book, a cheese cutter and an ice cube tray. But there are some items that are random and unrelated to a food blogger, like the pair of sun glasses and the odd selfie sticker.

I love gifts. Unlike others who feel maybe intimated or overwhelmed from the unexpected box or just like to "play" humble, I have always welcomed them small or large. A gift is a manifestation of generosity in any shape or form: from a red apron to a freshly-baked cookie, I grab it with an open heart and the smile of a little girl. I don’t feel any guilt and have no regrets. It is not a coincidence that the gift chose to appear in this particular moment, in this particular bag. Maybe there is a reason for that. Maybe it’s time to embrace it and learn something new.

 What I can possible learn from Krusteaz's apron? Well, maybe to cook more often and keep the dough away from my shirt. The cheese cutter? To cut cheese better by indulging in cheese more often. The ice cube tray? To make ice cubes with different ingredients and use them for iced coffee or cocktails. Not all the items in the bag have an educational purpose like the gluten free crackers or the notebooks; they will still serve me well but I know how already. Manitoba Harvest's hemp seeds will pair well with the Stonyfield yogurt and the recipe books will generate new ideas for cooking. My check list is in good order.

Opened and almost gone!

My thanks to all those who accepted to give away their unique and useful products. I am certain that they found a place in our homes already. Now let me find my selfie stick. Time to take some selfies.

I have to learn to take better photos....


Unknown said...

Gift bags are amazing!! Gotta love getting exposed to all the new fun stuff :)