Friday, August 21, 2015

The New Primal Spicy Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

I am a great fan of beef, turkey and salmon jerky. When I discovered the New Primal, I was intrigued by their unique packaging -take a look at the back side- and the fact that is probably the only one beef jerky that has no added brown sugar in its ingredients. Instead, they use honey. 

The New Primal Spicy Grass-Fed Beef Jerky is made with beef raised without added hormones and without antibiotics. The product is USDA inspected and free from gluten, artificial ingredients and preservatives. It is available in a 1-oz. and 2-oz. packs. 

Some of the ingredients include gluten-free tamari sauce and less than 2% of pineapple juice, black pepper, ginger, cayenne pepper and jalapenos. Looking at the nutrition facts, one serving size of 28g has only 60 calories, 10 of which is fat. Total fat is 1g, sodium 280mg and cholesterol at 20mg. Carbs are low with 4g and protein at 8g. 

Overall, it seems like a healthy snack that will serve you well when you are out and about and you don't have time to cook or stop for a sit-down lunch. It is definitely better than getting snacks high in carbs and calories so the New Primal Beef Jerky is one of the best deals. And it has a kick if you like it. 

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