Monday, November 19, 2012

20 something The New Vintage - What you missed!

I attended hundreds of wine tastings in my recent, food and wine writer's life. They all seem to be quasi the same: exhibitors standing at various tables with a few bottles of wine each, wine glasses, the “spit bucket”, notebooks to make notes and plates with crackers or slices of bread. But the 20something event organized by the Washington State Wine Commission and the Seattle’s Convention and VisitorsBureau was different and against the mainstream. See what you missed from last Saturday’s event for the younger crowds:

- Tasting wine in a new shape and form. No tables with tablecloths, bottles next to the other and standing marketing execs from the winery. In a complete new setting, those who poured the wines, were standing or walking around with a bottle and a badge. They explained a little about the product and handed out access code cards for those who liked it for special offers and more information

    - The Washington Beef Commission and the three color blind tasting trays: blue, yellow or green? Each had a different type of beef….

    - Cheese from Mt. Townsend Creamery in a well-decorated table that took them two hours to make! The beet chips were also outstanding matching with the Red Alder, Seastack and New Moon cheeses

    -  Comfort foods from with Hook & Plow Turkey “Martini” Pop and the  Black Pepper Gougeres Aged Gouda from RN74 

      - Bordeaux blends, Syrah, Pinot and even Mourvèdre were some of the amazing wines offered

     - The 20something Turkish latte from Fonté Espresso Bar – nothing like Turkish coffee but a pleasant latte

      - Good looking men and women mostly in the 30s with big smiles and in a good mood for more wine and food

    - Maybe you missed that you are no longer 29 -you can still attend this event next year!