Friday, March 23, 2012

How to Host the Perfect Neighborhood Party

How to Host the Perfect Neighborhood Party by guest blogger Robert Lobitz

Have you noticed that a lot of the ‘old fashioned’ practices are coming back? Today’s economy demands that we find less expensive ways of entertaining ourselves. We think that we are being ‘innovative’, but we are really doing what our parents and grandparents did – with a slightly different slant.

One of the practices that I see coming back is the neighborhood or block party. These types of parties are very popular for several reasons; no baby sitters needed, GREAT food, no fear of DWI, a chance to really know your neighbors, and it’s cheap!

To have a really good and memorable neighborhood party that everyone wants to repeat requires more than just setting out your BBQ and inviting people. Follow the upcoming tips to ensure a great party that will have everyone begging for more!

Enlist three or four of your closest neighbors to help coordinate the party. This will lighten the load on you, and bring some new ideas. There are five areas to concentrate on:

The first step is obvious – every one should bring a side dish that will feed 4 to 6 people. Have a list made up of the different types of side dish needed so each neighbor can decide what he or she wants to bring. (You don’t want 20 potato salads, or 20 deserts!) Make sure your list includes potato chips and dips.

Have everyone bring his or her own meat.

Have at least 3 buckets or coolers filled with ice for soft drinks and water. Make a couple of gallons of Kool-aid.

Have each neighbor chip in 3 to 5 dollars and get one keg or two ½ kegs of beer. Two ½ kegs will let you have 2 different types of beer, and also keep people from waiting in line to get a glass of beer. Make sure that you have quality beer taps for the kegs. (Nothing is worse at a party than having faulty beer taps). Check with the proprietor to make sure that they supply top-of-the-line beer taps with their kegs.

Have all neighbors bring their own chairs; they can also bring tables if they have them.

Plastic Silverware, paper plates, plastic cups and napkins, and BBQ grills. (Make sure you have at least 4 grills available for a party of this size).

Clean Up:
This is actually the easy part! Have at least four 32-gallon trash cans lined with plastic garbage bags set around the area. When full, remove the garbage bag and replace with a new one!

Arrange for music and your set for a great night of partying and entertainment!