Monday, August 15, 2011

A day at Cooking Odyssey's Kitchen

Having Sunday lunch is often a long, enjoyable process. It is almost a ritual that involves peeling, cutting, marinating, baking, grilling, sipping wine and sampling freshly cooked food. But cooking with Cooking Odyssey's producer George Stamou and his interior designer wife Effie Karambelas is a completely different experience. To be honest, I didn't do much of the cooking. My task was to watch and to take pictures while making comments about the space, the food appearance and the entire environment, a task that could be seen as "easy". But the experience was unique, pleasant and comfortable.

The kitchen, used for the Cooking Odyssey's inside shooting, is entirely green by using eco-friendly kitchen fixtures, surfaces and appliance companies. The most impressive is the Induction Cooktop (by Capuano Appliances) that cooks food in less time – which is not only energy efficient but also gets us eating faster. The durable surfaces made of 75 percent recycled content composed of recycled material (Eco by Cosentino),  the modern sinks and faucets (Kohler) and the SubZero Refrigerator give a clean, sleek and ergonomic look to this beautiful kitchen which is  ideal for moving around, doing prep work, talking to guests and also shoot a show!

Lentil Salad
The Real Greek salad

Fava Salad

The food was generous in number of dishes and portions. George barbecued the ribs, marinated chicken wings and steaks. Effie prepared the healthy and tasty lentil salad (based on Cooking Odyssey's recipe), the colorful and "real" Greek salad, a smooth fava salad, grilled eggplants with feta cheese and a cool and sweet beets salad. The Californian Viognier was the perfect match to this long-lasting, not wanting to end lunch and Effie's halva was the best dessert for the day, light and nicely shaped.

Eggplant with feta cheese

Chicken Wings
Ribs and Steaks!

George and Effie in the Eco Friendly kitchen
I am looking forward to more lunches with George and Effie, next time, I promise,  I will get my hands in the kitchen as well!


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