Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New and fun products from the Fancy Food Show in D.C.

NASFT just announced the top five trends from this summer's Fancy Food Show but I decided to bypass the "trends syndrome" and announce the most interesting, funny or funky items showcased during the three days. I will mention the trends as well - rather different from those of NASFT.

 Black water! Yes, it is truth, it does exist. It is real, comes from natural sources and is infused with fulvic acid. I tried it and it tastes like water despite its looks - closer to black coffee!

Black water, BLK
Pistachio Almond Ice Cream

Melon Ice Cream

I welcome interesting flavored ice creams: the Melon Ice Bar from Korea was outstanding -not only for those who like melon. The Pistachio Almond was another one worth mentioning....

Strangely flavored peanuts as the Dill Pickle Nuts from The Peanut Shop and the Butterscotch Peanuts from the Bertie County. Not the most tasty but it is definitely innovation.

The return of Corn Bread? I don't think so! It's encouraging to see corn bread in different flavors. We are in America after all!

Some other unique products which may or may not introduce trends. Who knows?
Indian pizza! A new trend...
Microwave-able cake from France! Can you believe it?   

Dry Beef from Mexico. Tasty enough, good for easy to make tacos!

And who is this Jelly Bean-made figure? It looks so cool!


Sara C. said...

I want the Pistachio icecream!! It's among my favs =D
Sara C.