Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gifts for those who love food (and wine!)

It's not too late yet. You didn't have time for Christmas but there is still New Year's so you have no excuses. A fun and quirky list, not excluding the bubbly, is the following:

1. The Upside Down Apron with cooking guide
Kitchen aid at your fingertips! Fed up of frantically thumbing through cookbooks while your goulash explodes? Or coating your keyboard in baked mac and cheese while looking up cooking times and measurements on Google? Fear not! We’ve put all of that useful info right at your fingertips. An apron is no longer just something to keep you clear or a place to wipe your dirty hands!

Printed Upside down on the apron for easy reading and is made of cotton.

One size -  fits most.

2. Condiment Gun - The sure-fire sauce dispencer

Simply fill with your favorite sauces, then pull the trigger carefully and slowly for precision sauce dispensing, or hard and fast to take out food across the room!

The ultimate sauce lover's gadget! (it includes two reusable cartridges and a squirt bottle, to make refilling easy).

3. Egg cosy with eggcup

Keep boiled eggs snug and warm with a cute ceramic eggcup and hand-knitted cosy made from 100 per cent organic merino wool.
It will make your egg even tastier!

4. Pralus Chocolate -  100% Dark
The ultimate in cocoa content and for the strict, extreme bitter chocolate lovers. This single origin chocolate bar uses only fine flavor, Criollo cocoa from Madagascar. Very creamy texture but only for the brave ones!
If you wish to wake up your inner sommelier the Wine Game is the perfect gift. Questions are divided into six categories; Grapes, Regions, Estate/Producer, Spirits, Fortified Wines and Vocabulary. As you proceed in the game, anything could happen. You may visit a wine auction in New York or be asked to settle a longshoreman's strike in Europe or be asked to identify a wine by the shape of a bottle. Six Categories, 900 questions and a few surprises along the road is what will be expecting you.

The Bouquet game is suitable for 2-6 players, individually or in teams.

6. Whirley Pop Vintage Popcorn Maker

Anxious popcorn lovers can enjoy up to 6 quarts of scrumptious popcorn, puffed up to 42 times original kernel size, in less than 3 minutes!

In less time than it takes to microwave a bag, you can enjoy fluffy, fresh popcorn with this classic hand-cranked popper. Just pour oil and kernels into the aluminum pan, place on a burner and start turning the stay-cool wooden handle. The stainless-steel stirring mechanism keeps popcorn moving to prevent burning and promotes even coating so you need less oil. Steam vents keep popcorn from getting soggy, and lid is hinged for easy pouring.

7. Microplane Artisan Series Medium Ribbon Grater

 Excels at grating hard and soft cheeses as well as onions and potatoes. Can also tackle hard foods, such as chocolate and Parmesan cheese for baking or garnishes. A cute, elegant gift, also one of Thomas Keller favorites!
8. Foodies, the book

More of an academic writing  than the traditional recipe cookbook, this book is subtitled "Democracy and Distinction in the Gourmet Foodscape". For food, politics and many more. Food for thought, not food for the table.

9. The Classic: Veuve Cliquot

For the record, this is my favorite...

Veuve Cliquot, with a glimpse of the summer