Sunday, May 02, 2010

Are New Yorkers victims of Food Trends?

I arrived at 2pm, in a sticky and warm Sunday, at the well-announced New York Gourmet Food Bazaar held in Hell Kitchen's Market.  I was really starving and craving for those Korean tacos of The Krave truck. But no chance. The line for this one was easily a 45-minute wait so I gave up very quickly. I hoped that my cravings for the Salty Pimp (which is a cone of vanilla topped with dulce de leche and sea salt, then dipped wholesale into melted chocolate) from the Big Gay Ice Cream truck will soon be satisfied but my hopes crashed as soon as I saw another 45-minute wait line.

What is going on with New Yorkers? Do they all follow twitter, Time Out, Food and NYC bloggers? Are NYC victims of food trends in the city? Or well-planned food publicity? I shouldn't write those words because I felt being a victim of the same trend I also create: I announced it in the previous posting (see here and I was there for my Sunday lunch.

Two things are certain: New Yorkers love their food and they like it from a truck. At least these days. And they surely need a wardrobe makeover (see picture below: You don't go out dressed like this!)


Woza said...

Great food, no need to dress...what more is there to ask for? Well besides chocolate that is!