Friday, April 16, 2010

Argentinean Wine Tasting

I admit openly my ignorance when it comes to Argentinean Wines. But the Consulate of Argentina kindly organized and invited me to a wine tasting this week. I had the chance to become more knowledgeable on the topic of "wines of Argentina" and to taste a few. I started with Whites and I was surprised to see so many Chardonnays, all of them light and refreshing.  I learned that the Torrontes grape produces the characteristic white wine of Argentina, a local and unique grape. The Torrontes were all fruity and aromatic, a delightful experience especially for the summer months with fish, meats and salads. I particularly liked the Laborum Torrontes (2009, El Porvernir de los Andes), spicy and sharp.
Argentina is the world’s fifth-largest wine producer, and it is mainly famous for its Malbec. The rich, earthy red has become Argentina’s signature grape, and most experts agree that the best Malbecs in the world are produced there. So, all Malbecs were "interesting" but as summer approaches, I would go for the whites.

But one of the best - indeed exclusive - was the Arabela Sparkling Brut Rose (2009, Estancia Las Canitas), a nice, rich but fresh sparkling rose, perfect not only for the summer but for a nice aperitif throughout the year.

Guests also tasted healthy, tasty and well-presented food: cheese platters with nuts and dried fruit, amazing prosciutto and salami, blueberry, raspberry and strawberry fruits and tiny salmon sandwiches. Passed hors d' oeuvres included warm cheese, mushroom and meat patties look alike. Before I left, I couldn't resist the dessert "section" so I grabbed one chocolate!


Unknown said...

very swank looking. ive been to dinners featuring south american wines and there are excellent wines at fair prices coming out of that region.

cheers, mike