Monday, May 18, 2009

Design Week's trends

I don't know much about furniture design therefore I won't make any comments regarding the well-known and hugely publicized event in New York. But I will comment briefly on the food and drink trends as witnessed the last couple of days:

1. Recession is definitely here as there was not much food. With the exception of very few stores that provided cooked and snack food, most of them offered just chips, nuts, pretzels, pop-corn, candy and cookies if you were lucky

2. The drink of the day was by large majority vodka with tonic. Served with a leave of mint and slice of cucumber or just with a slice of lime

3. The candy buffet is becoming a dessert trend (see picture). I saw it in Soho on Saturday (and in a number of events in the Big Apple the previous weeks). The table had to offer a selection of licorice, wine gums, chewing gum, M&Ss, lolly pops...There was also a cotton candy machine making fresh pink cotton candy that everybody loved

Do we all miss our childhood days? Just wondering....