Thursday, September 11, 2008

Special MBT footwear event at Eneslow ----New York free

We often talk about high heels, designers' shoes and Prada but do we really know what makes shoes comfortable, easy to walk and a good choice for our foot's health? Learn more about footwear tonight 9.11 at Eneslow, Park Avenue South @ 32 street. Click the picture for more details!


Kat said...

Has anyone heard of RYN Footwear that is really big in Europe and Asia right now? They look similar to MBT but claim to have better quality, stability and energy return. Plus I can see more style! What I like most about RYN exercise shoes is that they have a Sports High model for people like me who want the maximum immediate strengthening & ultra-toning results! Does anyone know where I can buy RYN Footwear in the United States?

Kat said...

I found the US site now at